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'A' Khata is an important document required in case of a building license, trade license or to obtain any loan from the bank or any other financial institutions. Since all citizens owning a property in India must pay property tax, you are eligible to own a Khata, Aug 19, 2014.

Khatha is an account of the assessment of a property that records the details of a property such as size, location and its built-up area. These are assessed to quantify the property tax that is levied by the government. It is also a kind of identification of the property owner who is primarily liable for the payment of the tax. It is required while seeking a building or a trade licence or a loan from banks. These documents are essentially required as it is mandatory for all property owners to pay their property tax.

The 'B' Khatha, in actuality, does not exist. It is merely a record maintained by the BBMP in which property identification numbers are entered into a register called the B register. This keeps a record of dues paid by property owners to the civic agency.